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    Meet Nathaniel Prescott: The Man Who Raised Dak

    Meet Nathaniel Prescott: The Man Who Raised Dak

    Nathaniel Prescott is the father of NFL star quarterback Dak Prescott. Although avoiding the spotlight, Nathaniel had a significant impact on his son’s life and career. After their mother died of colon cancer in 2013, Nathaniel raised Dak and his four other siblings alone.

    Nathaniel taught his boys the values of determination, hard work, and commitment that Dak has applied to his life both on and off the football field. The arrest of Dak’s father in connection with a marijuana case made headlines. We’ll go into Nathaniel Prescott’s life in this blog post, including his relationship with Dak, early years, spouses, and current whereabouts.

    Let’s Dive Into Dak’s Father’s Personal Facts

    NameNathaniel Prescott
    BornSomewhere in 1961
    Age62 years (as of 2023)
    Height5 foot 6 inches (167 cm)
    Born PlaceLouisiana, Saints Country, USA
    PartnerPeggy Prescott (deceased)
    ChildrenDak Prescott, Elliot Prescott, Tad Prescott, Natalie Prescott and Jace Prescott.
    Net worthHis son’s net worth: is $2 million

    Dak Prescott, a well-known NFL quarterback, is descended from Nathaniel Prescott. He was born in Louisiana, Saints Country, in the year 1961. Nathaniel is five feet six inches tall (167 cm). He is an American citizen, belongs to the Afro-American ethnic group, and his parents are currently unknown. When Peggy Prescott and Nathaniel were married, she later passed away. Elliot Prescott, Tad Prescott, Natalie Prescott, and Jace Prescott are the other four kids Nathaniel has in addition to Dak Prescott. For his other kids, though, not much is known.

    Nathaniel will be 62 years old in 2023. His son Dak Prescott, an accomplished athlete, has a $2 million fortune. Since Nathaniel lives a rather secluded life, not much is known about him.

    Where is Nathaniel Prescott Now and His Income Source?

    At present, Dak’s father Nathaniel Prescott is living in Frisco, Texas, USA. He made the decision to shift there because he wished to stay close to his youngest son Dak, who lives in Frisco as well.

    Nathaniel primarily did the job of a driver in his early years, from working as a commercial driver at the Louisiana Oil Fields to driving Austin City Bus.

    Nathaniel Prescott Now

    It is not known widely, but he also played football as a Defensive end in the Gambling state. However, due to serious injuries in both his knees, his dream to pursue football was crushed forever. But this concludes how Dak got his interest in Football.

    How Many Times Was Nathaniel Prescott Married?

    Nathaniel tied the knot twice, but as he was not well known earlier, the name of his first wife and the reason for parting ways is unknown. Yet, we have information about Nathaniel’s second wedding with Dak’s Mother. 

    Peggy Prescott was a Euro-American woman, who is the second wife of Nathaniel Prescott. Peggy and Nathaniel had four children – Tad, Natalie, Jace, and Dak himself.

    How did Nathaniel Prescott’s second wife Peggy die?

    Mother of Dak Prescott and wife of Nathaniel Prescott, Peggy Prescott passed away on November 3, 2013, at the age of 52. She battled colon cancer for a long time before passing away from it. At the time of her death, Dak was a student at Mississippi State University, and he skipped a game to go to her burial. 

    Nathaniel and his family were deeply affected by Peggy’s passing, and his son Dak frequently discusses how his mother’s courage and bravery in the face of cancer motivated him to keep overcoming difficulties in his own life. In memory of his mother, Dak has also taken part in campaigns to raise money and awareness for cancer research by working with a Dallas cancer treatment facility.

    How Many Children Does Nathaniel Prescott Have?

    There are a total of 5 children born to Nathaniel Prescott, the oldest of them is from his first marriage and the other four are from his second marriage to Peggy Prescott.

    Dak is the youngest. Elliot Prescott, from his first marriage, is the oldest, followed by Jace, Tad, Natalia, and Dak from his second marriage with Peggy. Jace previously participated in a football game for Northwestern State.

    Why Dak’s Father Nathaniel Prescott Caught Public Attention?

    Dak’s father caught public attention somewhere in august 2018 when he was arrested for illegal possession of marijuana in his vehicle. The Police caught him on Orange County Highway 87 at a traffic post. This news spread like wildfire in the media making Nathaniel Prescott popular for the wrong reason.

    Later he fulfilled a $500 bond to get bail.

    What is Nathaniel Prescott’s Net Worth?

    Nathaniel Prescott’s own fortune is not known as even though he worked as a former driver at various places, he was not well known until Dak Prescott came into the limelight and he got recognized as Dak’s father.

    Nathaniel Prescott’s Net Worth

    However, his son quarterback Dak Prescott is well-known in the NFL and has an estimated net worth of $70 million. He is among the league’s highest-paid athletes. Together with his football salary, Dak has made a big sum of money via endorsement deals with brands like Nike, Pepsi, and Beats by Dre.

    Social Media Presence of Nathaniel

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happened to Dak Prescott’s mother?

    Dak Prescott’s mother Peggy Prescott died after fighting a long battle against colon cancer on November 3, 2013.

    Does Dak Prescott have a father?

    Yes, Dak Prescott has a father, his name is Nathaniel Prescott.

    Who is Prescott’s dad?

    Nathaniel Prescott is Dak Prescott’s dad. he is popular for being the father of Dak Prescott who is an American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL.

    Is Peggy Prescott alive?

    No, Peggy Prescott died on November 3, 2013, due to colon cancer.

    What is Nathaniel Prescott’s Nationality?

    Nathaniel is an American citizen.

    Who is Nathaniel Prescott?

    Nathaniel Prescott is the father of NFL quarterback Dak Prescott.

    What is Nathaniel Prescott’s net worth?

    Nathaniel Prescott’s net worth is unknown. His son, Dak Prescott, has a net worth of around $70 million.

    Where is Nathaniel Prescott now?

    Since 2017, Nathaniel Prescott is currently located in Frisco, Texas.

    Why was Nathaniel Prescott arrested?

    Nathaniel was arrested in august 2018, as the police caught Nathaniel with marijuana in his vehicle.

    What is Nathaniel Prescott’s Age?

    As of 2023, Nathaniel Prescott is 62 years old. He was born somewhere in 1961.

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