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    Rosa Saavedra is known to the world and is on the list of famous personalities due to being the ex-wife of Pedro Rivera, and the mother of 6 American singers, including Grammy Award-winning Lupillo Rivera and the late Jenni Rivera.

    Saavedra’s ex, Pedro Rivera is a singer and actor who has his name in various movies and series such as Entre Balas Viejas Y Loquera amongst many others. He is also a very famous singer and have composed ample of songs such as Escape Sangriento and so on. 

    Nevertheless of the fame that Rosa Saavedra may have attracted through her connections with famous people, she equally has expertise in singing as well which was not known earlier. She also gained attention, following the death of her daughter, Jenni as a result of several hullabaloos taking place.


    Full NameRosa Amelia Saavedra
    Date of Birth18th April 1948
    Age74 years
    Marital StatusDivorced
    SpousePedro Rivera
    ChildrenSix Children
    Relationship StatusSingle


    Rosa Saavedra is the ex-wife of Pedro Rivera, an American musician, producer, and famous actor whose rein is still on the track. Rosa Saavedra was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, on April 18, 1948. At the age of 14 years only, she was said to have eloped with Pedro. This led to Pedro’s being jailed after a complaint from her father against the actor on the charges of kidnapping.

    Along the way, Rosa moved to America in search of a better life with her then husband. Prior to that, Rivera reportedly sold lottery tickets to make ends meet and have also done many other odd jobs. Also, their earliest years in America were not so ruddy, but they successively found a place to build themselves up and all their struggles and hardships paid off when they were able to make their name in the entertainment industry. 

    Rosa’s ex-husband, Pedro Rivera, is a Mexican regional artist. Pedro is into producing and composing music and is also an actor at the same time. Pedro Rivera Cervantes was born on February 23, 1947, in La Braca, Mexico.

    The reports and sources say that he lived a very tough early life which was full of tears and hardships for a very long time. He did various odd jobs and later landed himself in the music industry after a lot of struggle and sorrows. Before becoming a famous personality, he did all the odd jobs, such as photography, farming, sales, and so on. Rosa Saavedra married only once in her entire life to Pedro Rivera, the famous actor and after her divorce she has never entered any sort of relationship with anyone.

    The duo met in Mexico, where they were neighbours, and later married in the year 1963. The couple spent 45 years of their lives as a married couple in a very happy and jolly state. Through the years, they went through the struggle of building up their own empire and family although their initial days together were full of sorrows due to financial reasons.

    However, their beautiful love story came to an end when they divorced in 2008 which left everyone shocked. Pedro claims the decision was taken by his wife as she wanted to walk out of the bond. Well, the reason is yet unknown to the world.


    In 1966, Pedro Rivera moved to the USA to create a better life for himself and his family. After a few years working in the USA, he changed his name to ‘El Patriarca Del Corrido’. As per the reports, Pedro Rivera completely transformed the US music industry and became a legend overnight, although this overnight legend had faced a lot of trouble and hardships during his early life. His determination paid off when he became known to the public as a composer, professional actor, and producer altogether. In 1988, he launched his company, Cintas Acuarios’. This company became one of the largest Latin record labels across the globe, and his reign could simply be declared an era. Rosa Saavedra’s ex-husband launched many aspiring artists under his label, such as El Chapo de Sinaloa, Los Razos, and many more.


    Rosa Saavedra married only once in her entire life. Her forty-five years of blissful marriage ended in the year 2008 and the reason behind it is yet to be known. According to her ex-husband, Rosa herself demanded to walk away from the marital agreement. After this, there have been no reports of Rosa being married or dating anyone. Pedro is said to have given his love life another chance.

    Rosa Saavendra's Relationship

    In 2019, Pedro married his then-girlfriend, Juana Ahunada, in a secret wedding attended by just the two of them only. The announcement he made of his marriage is called a big quip by his fans and followers. 


    An amazing part of her marriage to Pedro is the children they had together. Rosa has six children, but only five are still alive. She had her eldest child, Pete Rivera, in 1964, followed by her other children. She raised her children in a tight-knit musical household since her husband was into music production, and he owns a record label, Cintas Acuario. Currently, five of Rosa’s six children are professional musicians and doing great in life.

    • Rosa’s Eldest Son Is a Pastor and Gospel Singer: Rosa’s eldest son, Pedro Rivera Jr., is on a different route than his father and other siblings. He is a pastor and gospel musician. The only thing he has in common with his famous siblings is music and nothing else.
    • Lupillo Rivera is a Grammy Award-winning singer and Rosa’s son- Lupillo was born in Long Beach, California. He graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School in 1990. He took to music in the 1990s and has never looked back since that day. The singer has recorded several music works that broke various records and also won him awards, including three Grammy nominations that he ended up winning one of them in 2010. 
    • Jenni Rivera, Rosa’s daughter, sold more than 20 million albums in a year- Jenni Rivera, born Delores Janney Rivera Saavedra on July 2, 1969, was an all-around entertainer and performer. Her career cut across singing, songwriting, TV production, acting, business, and much more. She was however most famous as a singer with styles in banda, mariachi, and norteo. In 2013 alone, after her death, she sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. This would make her the highest-earning female band musician of all time at the time of this writing. The daughter of Rosa Saavereda has also been listed by many sources, including CNN, as one of the most important female figures in regional Mexican music.

    After making a name for herself, Jenni died in a Learjet 25 crash in Mexico on December 9, 2012, at the age of 43 years.

    • Her son Juan Rivera is an actor and musicianJuan Rivera started his journey as a professional musician at the age of 16 in 1996 with El Atizadoras, as his first record. He has other songs such as El Ser Equivocado and La Lampara as well.
    • Rosie Rivera is a TV personality and Businesswoman- Rosie, born on July 3, 1981, is one of Rosa’s most famous children. She is a 41-year-old woman who serves as a TV personality and have appeared in I Love Jennifer Lopez, Famosa, and Latina amongst many others. She is also a businesswoman and the former chief executive officer of “Jenni Rivera Enterprises”. Her career with Jenni’s enterprise was cut short in 2021, following an allegation by her late sister’s children about the misappropriation of funds.

    Even with the fame that Saavedra’s children may have gained over time and may seem to be closely knit, they were involved in family disputes and quarrels. The Rivera’s quarrel is linked to their sister’s death and the personal gain to be made from it as accused by the late singer’s children.


    One of the biggest calamities that Rosa Saavedra faced was the death of her daughter, Jenni Rivera who was the most successful one. According to the reports and surveys, she was hardworking and outspoken, which shaped her into one of Mexico’s musical exports at a very tender age. At the time when this incident took place, Jenni was 43 and was the only successful woman on the Latin Billboard charts as well. She died in a plane crash on 9th December 2012 in Mexico. Her death left everyone in shock, especially her mother, Rosa Amelia Saavedra. As per the sources, after Jenni’s untimely demise, Rosa had turned out to be cranky and used to have fights and quarrels with her other family members

    Another shocking and cumbersome hardship that Rosa Saavedra faced was her fight with cancer which was detected after her daughter’s death. As per the reports, a year after her daughter’s death, in 2013, Rosa Saavedra was diagnosed with cancer. Although the family has not spoken about it publicly, it is known that she has now fully recovered from cancer as well and is leading a much healthier life.


    Out of Rosa’s six children, Rosie Rivera grabs a lot of attention from all around. She is an American transformational speaker, businesswoman, and TV personality and is doing marvelous in her field. Rosie is married to Abel Flores and has two children from her marriage, Kassandra Rivera and Samantha Chay Flores. According to sources, Rosie is the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises as well along with her other works. Also, she is popular for her roles in Rica, Latina, and Famosa amongst many other. The actor is also famous for her first book, My Broken Pieces, published in the year 2016. The book discusses the tragedies of her life.


    Rosa Amelia Saavedra was diagnosed with cancer and now likes to lead a low-key life. Although she belongs to a family full of famous personalities and high achievements, thus it can be assumed she must be living an extravagant life full of luxuries and comfort.



    Every child of Rosa Saavedra is doing great in their lives and has a great net worth. Pete Rivera has a net worth of $12.5 million, Gustavo Rivera is between $1 million – $7 million, Lupillo Rivera has a net worth of $12.5 million, Rosie Rivera has a net worth of $14 million, and Juan Rivera’s net worth is $10 million. Keeping these figures in mind, it can be assumed that Rosa’s net worth would also be similar to these, although there is no such evidence available in the market to confirm her net worth.

    How many grandchildren does Rosa have?

    Rosa Saavedra is a proud grandmother to several grandchildren. Jenni Rivera had five children from her marriage. Her children are Chiquis, Jacqie, Michael, Jenicka, and Johnny. His son Pedro Rivera Jr. has four children from her marriage to Ramon. His children are Jessica, Petey, David, and Alesandro. Rosa’s son, Gustavo, has two children from his marriage to Martha Duarte. They are Karina and Gustavo Jr. His son Juan has four children from his marriage to Brenda. The names of his children are Divine, Frido, Marina, and Johnny. Rosie has three children: Kessy, Samantha Chay Flores, and Elias Melek Flores.

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    Who is Rosa Saavedra?

    Rosa Saavedra is the ex-wife of famous actor, producer, and musician Pedro Rivera.

    How many children does she have?

    Rosa Saavedra is a proud mother of six famous children, all doing equally great and amazing in life.

    Where was Rosa born?

    Hermosillo, Mexico, is the place where Rosa was born in the year 1948.

    Is Rosa dating someone currently?

    Well, Rosa is not dating or seeing anyone after her divorced and is leading a very low-key life away from lime light.

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