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    Rising The Curtains Off Thelma Riley 

    Rising The Curtains Off Thelma Riley 

    Who Is Thelma Riley? 

    Thelma Riley, also known by the names Thelma Mayfair and Thelma Osbourne, is the ex-wife of Ozzy Osbourne. Thelma and Ozyy had two children together – Louis and Jessica. They adopted Elliot, her eldest son from her previous relationship. It is said that they both met at a nightclub and soon got married. However, their relationship was rocky since Ozzy was a drunkard and cheated on Thelma many times. Their children claimed that he was not a good dad. During the release of ‘ God Bless Ozzy Osbourne’, he accepted he couldn’t remember Jesica and Louis’ birthdays leading to a dissolution of the marriage in 1982. 

    He went on to wed his manager Sharon Arden in the same year. Thelma has not been showing up after their break up. 

    Adding on to these, Thelma Riley has become the grandmother to five children, Elijah and Maia from her son Lois and Harry and Isabelle and Kitty from Jessica. 

    Background of Thelma Riley 

    Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife, Thelma Riley met her husband at a night club in 1971, where she worked as a waitress, and they soon married each other. But to their and Ozzy’s fans’ dismay, they couldn’t get along with each other and they parted ways in the year 1982. 

    They had two children from the relationship by the names Jessica and Louis. In the same year of the divorce, Ozzy Osbourne married his manager Sharon Arden. This had an optimistic impact on Ozzy Osbourne’s life. He eventually quit alcohol. 

    After the divorce, Thelma Riley decided to step out of the mainstream media. She has been raising her two kids independently. 

    Why is Thelma Riley famous? 

    Thelma Riley came to the limelight after she got hitched to the vocalist of Black Sabbath- a heavy metal band. Though their relationship was rocky due to Ozzy Osbourne’s irresponsible attitude toward his family, the band sold over $100 million in albums in the 1970s. Ozzy Osbourne was the most famed and sought-after heavy metal artist. 

    Why is Thelma Riley famous

    What happened to Thelma Riley? 

    Thelma Riley has successfully been shying away from the public’s eye since the time of her divorce from Ozzy Osbourne. She calls getting married to Ozzy Osbourne a ‘ terrible mistake’ as he was a drug addict, alcoholic, and touring with Black Sabbath.

    In the 2011 documentary- God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, produced by Ozzy’s son Jack, he admitted he could not even remember when Louis and Jessica were born. 

    She has been keeping herself busy with organizing house parties, family commitments, meeting friends, food, and fashion. 

    How did Ozzy Osbourne meet Thelma Riley? 

    Ozzy Osbourne and Thelma Riley ran into each other at a nightclub known as The Rum Runner where Thelma Riley worked as a waitress. They got married in 1971. Thelma adopted her son Elliot Kingsley from a previous relationship. 

    Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne became the parents of their daughter Jessica in 1972 and their son in 1975. 

    Who Is Ozzy Osbourn? 

    Born in the English town of Marston Green, Ozzy Osbourne was born on December 3rd, 1948. He is an English heavy metal singer, raised in Aston, Birmingham, England. Osbourne became a lead singer for Black Sabbath, the band founded by him in 1967. He was then fired from the band as he was addicted to drugs and alcohol excessively. Later on, he had a successful solo career by releasing 13 studio albums that received multi-platinum certifications from the USA. 

    The total value of the sales of his Black Sabbath and solo albums is a whopping $100 million. His long successful career has won him the title “ Godfather of Metal”. To recognize his contribution to Metal Music, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as Black Sabbath’s member and UK Music Hall of Fame as a solo artist. 

    In the 2000s, Ozzy Osbourne showed up on reality TV shows like MTV, along with his wife Sharon and two of his three kids- Kelly and Jack. 

    Ozzy Osbourne’s Solo Albums and Awards 

    It is overwhelming to note that Ozzy Osbourne was nominated in four categories at the 65th Grammy Awards. ‘ Patient Number 9’, Ozzy’s song has been shortlisted for the category ‘ Best Rock Performance’ while ‘ Patient Number 9’ has been shortlisted for ‘ Best Rock Album’. ‘ Degradation Rules’- an album from ‘Patient Number 9’ is nominated for ‘ Best Metal Performance’ Grammy. 

    Ozzy Osbourne’s Solo Albums and Awards 

    Despite not keeping well, this year wasn’t gloomy for him. He went on to release his ‘ Ordinary Man’ album and has been awarded ‘The Lifetime Achievement gong by gents’ mag GQ. Ozzy Osbourne says he feels blessed to be awarded this one. 

    Apart from these, he has been called by the nickname ‘Godlike Genius’ at the 2004 NME Awards in London. In 2008. He received the Living Legend Award in the Classic Roll of Honour Awards. He added another feather to his cap in 2010 by winning the prestigious Guy’s Choice Award in Culver City, California, which was presented by Sir Ben Kingsley.

    Like the cherry on the cake, Ozzy Osbourne was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Black Sabbath and the UK Hall of Fame as a solo artist. 

    The below mentioned are Ozzy Osbourne’s Music Albums / Solo Albums

    Name of the Solo Albums Year of release
    Diary of Madman1981
    Down To Earth2001
    Black Rain2007
    No Rest For The Wicked 1988
    Scream 2010
    Patient Number 9 2022 
    The Ultimate Sin1986
    No More Tears1991 
    Blizzard Of Ozz1980
    Ordinary Man2022
    Bark at the Moon1986
    Under Cover 2005
    Source –

    Relationship Of Thelma Riley And Ozzy Osbourn 

    Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife, Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne had a dwindling relationship. Thelma was unhappy with Ozzy Osbourne’s degree of commitment towards her and their kids due to excessive drinking , drug addiction and continuous touring with Black Sabbath. The duo divorced in 1982, the year in which Ozzy Osbourne married his manager Sharon Arden. Since then, Thelma Riley has kept away herself from the public. She raised her kids- Jessica and Louis single handedly. 

    What was the cause of Ozzy Osbourne’s divorce? 

    Thelma Riley came to the spotlight after her marriage with the very famous singer Ozzy Osbourne in 1971. However, the singer divorced his wife in 1982 due to their differences of opinion. He calls his first marriage a ‘terrible mistake’.

    Thelma Riley fell prey to consecutive cheating scandals, depression, dealing with a drug addict and alcoholic husband. His responsibility and commitment towards his family was abysmal that he couldn’t even remember when his two children- Jessica and Louis were born. Their relationship came to an end in 1982. 

    Did Ozzy Osbourne Die? 

    Ozzy Osbourne is still alive. Rumors of the singer’s demise spread after a “RIP Ozzy Osbourne” Facebook post. The post received one million likes on Facebook,and fans began posting condolences on the page, expressing their grief. 

    Did Ozzy Osbourne Die?

    On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Ozzy Osbourne’s representatives confirmed that he is not deceased and very much alive. Now that Ozzy Osbourne is alive and well, some fans have expressed their displeasure with the fake post, calling it reckless and distressing. Yet, Ozzy Osbourne recently opened up about his difficult health journey.

    He also discussed his ongoing Parkinson’s disease battle and his recovery from major surgery this summer. His wife, Sharon Osbourne, previously stated that the surgery would determine the rest of Osbourne’s life. The screws had come loose and began to chip away at the bone. The debris had also lodged beneath his spine. 

    Where is Thelma Riley now? 

    After her marital life was deluged in cheating by Ozzy, devastation, and his inability to commit to his family responsibilities, the couple split up in 1982. Since then, Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife, Thelma Riley has dimmed her identity. Yet sources say, Thelma Riley has been working as a teacher in Leicestershire, England. 

    After Ozzy cut him completely off from his kids and his first wife, Thelma Riley has been nurturing them solely. 


    Is Thelma Riley Still Alive?

    After her divorce from Ozzy, Thelma chose to stay away from the public’s eye. Little is known about Ozzy Osborne’s first wife- Thelma Riley’s life after the divorce. According to reports, Thelma brought up her three children on her own. Ozzy completely removed himself from the lives of his children. 
    Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife, Thelma, decided to become a single mother and raise her children on her own. There have been no reports of her being married again. She works as an English teacher.

    How old is Thelma Riley- Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife?

    Having been born on May 17th, 1954 in Birmingham, England, Thelma Riley is 68 years old as of 2023.

    How old is Ozzy Osbourne?

    Ozzy Osbourne was born on December 3rd, 1948 in Birmingham, England. As of 2023, he is 74 years old. 

    What Is Thelma Riley’s Net Worth?

    Thelma Riley’s net worth is valued at $600,000. She mustered this networth by working as an English teacher at Leicestershire, England. 

    How Old Is Thelma Riley?

    Thelma Riley is 68 years old. 

    What is Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth?

    Ozzy Osbourne has been tasting success for decades now as a musician. Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth goes to a whopping $220 million till date. 

    When Did Thelma Riley & Ozzy Get Divorced?

    The duo got married in 1971 after they met each other in a nightclub. However, they decided to part away due to Ozzy Osbourne’s irresponsibility towards the family. The singer married his second wife, Sharon Arden, the same year his divorce was finalized. 

    Who is Thelma Riley? 

    Thelma is an English teacher in a small town in Leicestershire, England. Many people, however, recognize her as Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife. Her divorce from her husband made headlines, increasing his celebrity. 

    What disease has Ozzy Osbourne been affected by?

    He has been affected by Parkinson’s disease. Despite this, he has remained to stay creative and recorded several music albums. 

    Did Ozzy Osbourne undergo any surgery? 

    Yes. Sharon, his wife broke the news of his surgery and how it was going to determine the rest of his life. She also told the media that he was affected by mobility issues due to the accident he met in 2003 that was aggravated in 2019 by a fall that required 15 screws in his spine.

    Is Ozzy Osbourne deceased?

    No, Ozzy Osbourne has not died. Rumours spread about his demise years back after a post on Facebook went viral. But he confirmed that he has not died and is still alive.

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