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    Travis Scott Net Worth, Family, Age & Height, Songs, Biography

    Travis Scott Net Worth, Family, Age & Height, Songs, Biography

    Travis Scott is popularly known for his exotic concerts and breathtaking music albums. Today everybody is talking about Travis Scott because of his insane music albums and expensive concert tickets which can easily be sold within hours.

    The younger generation truly loves his music and contributes to his performance by staying in every single concert since his Grammy nominations.

    Since the release of Astroworld in 2018 Travis Scott has become very popular among youth with his unique taste in music and his compiling life experiences with true emotions. Today we are going to explore the lavish lifestyle and gossip surrounding Travis Scott’s life.

    Who Is Travis Scott?

    Travis Scott’s real name is Jacques Berman Webster 2, brought up in Space City. During an interview, the Rapper revealed the secret behind his name which indirectly pays tribute to his idols which include his uncle and his favorite rap artist.

    His uncle’s first name is Travis and the second name is associated with his favorite rap artist popularly known as Kid Cudi whose real name is Scott Mescudi.

    In 2015 The rapper released his first album known as Rodeo which instantly became a hit. After getting to know about the public response he started releasing some of his previous work in the public domain. After some time most of his albums hit platinum on Billboard, making him the most searched rapper in 2017.

    Some of his famous albums grant him a cult following, for example, birds in the trap, McKnight, and Astroworld. This specific album Astroworld '' has granted Travis a chance of getting Grammy nominations and a popular collaboration with Drake namedSicko Mode”. Overall Scott has been nominated 8 times in his career till now. This is pretty impressive as he has also secured a special place in the heart of his fans by delivering the most demanding tracks of the decade.

    How Much Is Travis Scott Worth?

    Travis Scott’s net worth is $60 million as most earnings come from music concerts and producing albums. He is one of the highest paid rappers and music tour artists in the world. He can easily outsell his music concert tickets without doing much of anything.

    How Much Is Travis Scott Worth

    That’s the brand value that Travis Scott poses in recent times. However, there are a few accidents that happened during his concert in 2021 named Astroworld which literally gave him bad publicity due to the death of 10 people.

    There are several other streams of income that highlight Scott’s reference in pop culture where several sneakers companies are collaborating with him for exclusive sneakers.

    The very first partnership that highlighted his popularity among his fans is the Nike collaboration with Travis Scott where he was featured in an ad campaign for vapor Max.

    In addition to this, there are several other property purchases that highlight his interest in real estate as well as producing record labels for the latest artist.

    Travis Scott’s Songs and Career

    After dropping out of college, Travis Scott moved to New York to pursue his career in music. Initially he wanted to become a record level producer but after getting his debut song named “Rodeo” gaining a lot of popularity among the youth he decided to switch his career to a rapper.

    Rodeo debuted at number 3 on Billboard 200 top songs and ranked no 1 on the Billboard Rap Chart. This album was released in 2015. In this album, there were two singles also named Antidote and 3500. On a positive note antidote became the single highest chart Billboard single making it a sensation in 2015. This was his first platinum single.

    After that his second album Birds in a Trap Sing, McKnight truly established his dominance as a rapper in Hip Hop culture. Travis Scott also inked a deal with Kanye West record label company Good Music for the release of a mixtape and a single album.

    Travis Scott Girlfriends

    When we are talking about Travis Scott’s girlfriends then there is only one name that you need to know here that’s Kylie Jenner. She is the media icon and the businesswoman who earns her brand value through media promotion and modeling portfolios.

    This is something we all have been interested in. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner started dating way back in 2017 and after keeping their relationship status hidden from all the media coverage they officially made a statement in 2018 when their daughter Stormi was born 2018.

    After some time the couple decided to get separated but as you can say due to the benefits of Covid-19 restrictions the couple revived their romance once again. Fortunately, in Feb 2022 they will have their second child named Wolf but her mother Kylie Jenner is not satisfied with the name-calling so I think they still need to find a better name for the child.

    How Did Travis Scott Get Famous?

    Travis Scott got famous when he signed a record label deal with Epic Records in 2012. In the same year, he also signed a deal with Kanye West’s music label company Good Music very good beats. This truly made him a sensation that everyone would appreciate in the Hip Hop world.

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    Owl Pharaoh is the much-awaited mixtape album that was released by him and it literally surprises everyone that how good a rapper can be. His Epic single antidote from the album Rodeo literally skyrocketed his career in music because everyone was listening to his attitude and Rodeo albums.

    He notably ranked in the top 20 of the 100 US Billboard charts. Scott’s purse in music didn’t stop here he also released Astroworld in 2018 which became a magnum opus of his career.

    No one can forget the Epic Fortnite concert of Travis Scott where he literally performed on a video game platform in 2020 during the lockdown phases. Literally showed something unique that a rapper can do in a music concert.

    Travis Scott’s Net Worth?

    Ans. Travis Scott’s net worth is $60 million. As he disclosed his personal earnings and all the royalties and brand deals that he had made in the past years. There are many speculations regarding his current network but as per his interview in 2021, he currently holds $60 million. For him, there are several mediums to get his share of income by person: his rap career, music concerts, and record deals.

    The most important is the brand collaboration with the artist because that’s the most important part of getting the right height for your upcoming concert. Travis Scott’s Net Worth, On the other hand, he also gets better campaign deals.

    Travis Scott’s Luxury Lifestyle

    The very first thing that you will highlight in Travis Scott’s apparel is his insane choice of watches that are really crazy. He owns some of the best luxury watches that any celebrity can truly own. The very first watch is the AP(Audemars Piguet) Royal Oak underwent the Florentine technique costing over $150,000 and Patek Philip celestial 6104 costing over $400,000.

    On his 28th birthday, he decided to celebrate his birthday in style by purchasing a Bugatti Chiron for $3 million. This specific purchase is only limited to 800 units in the Lamborghini section. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is one of the very few insane supercars that Travis Scott owns.

    In 2019 he decided to go big by purchasing a Mercedes Benz Maybach G-650 splashing out $1.6 million. There are several of the purchases that would contribute to his luxurious lifestyle that will make you go wow including a Private jet.

    How Old Is Travis Scott?

    Ans. Travis Scott was born on 30th April 1991. He is 30 years old right now and still pursuing his music career like before. He doesn’t have any attitude towards new artists because he is someone who truly supports new talents in Hip Hop culture.

    There are several qualities that one can easily inspire from him, the best one is to support the talent at any level possible. He is truly a real artist who has seen everything in his entire life and shares his experience on the basis of what life teaches him as quickly as possible.

    Is Travis Scott Married?

    Ans. That’s Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner who is a reality show winner from US Reality TV. Both of them started dating way back around 2016 when Kylie Jenner was separated from Tyga. After dating for over here in 2017 they have truly made a statement regarding their relationship making it public.

    In 2018 they gave birth to Stormi and since then they have been living a happy married life. Now they are expecting their second child as well. Following this, there are several speculations regarding their relationship status because there were a few sentences where they both denied staying in a relationship.

    Frequently asked questions about Travis Scott

    How tall is Travis Scott?

    Travis Scott is 177cm(5ft-10inch) tall making him the same height as Chance The rapper and Asap Rocky. His height is the least discussed topic in the entire blog and I don’t know why it’s necessary but as people would like to know about it then I just follow your demands. However, his portfolio contains all the initial information about his primary work as well as his influential status in the social background and most notably his music career which is really amazing.

    Has Travis Scott dated Kylie Jenner?

    Yes, they both dated each other and the most inspiring parties are still holding their relationship closely. One thing that I would recommend everyone to have is just privacy and the amount of information any individual shares with the media person. Travis Scott is extremely cautious about the information that he shares about his friends and family. Traviscot dated Kylie Jenner way back in 2017 when there were several speculations regarding their relationship. Everyone was keener to know the couple than anything else.

    How long did Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner date?

    This is the most buzzing question about the internet because no one perfectly knows whether they are married or staying together. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner both share a strong bond of affection and care that can be only described as a way of embracing someone’s presence. As a result, there is only a little information concerning their child as well as personal relationships. But if you are looking for a specific timeline about the relationship then it all started in 2017 when Kylie Jenner started dating Travis Scott. The rest of the developments have been happening around the internet on the basis of just speculation.

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