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    William Langston Thornton born a star kid can be both a boon and a bane. The pressure to be exactly like their star parent, or even better than their parent, begins at a very tender age. Being always noticed and in the limelight is the normal norm for every star kid. Opportunities and connections go hand in hand for every star kid. All the star kids enjoy each and every luxury in life, from being qualified by excellent and expensive institutions to living with all the comforts.

    There generally remains no privacy as, from the time the kids enter the world, each and every moment is being noticed and updated for the commoners. William Langston Thornton is also one of the stars. He is the son of a famous singer, actor, filmmaker, and song writer named Billy Bob Thornton, whose fame has spanned over decades. He is renowned for his acting in “The Sling,” as it was written, directed, and starred by himself alone.


    William Langston Thornton was born on June 27, 1993, in the USA, and is 29 years old as of March 2023. His sunshine or zodiac sign is Virgo. William Langston Thornton is generally known as William. He was born in America and is an American citizen. William is around 6 feet 4 inches tall and a dark and handsome individual. He is the son of famous actor, director, and singer Billy Bob Thornton and playboy model Pietra Dawn Cherniak. William has a younger sibling and two half siblings. He has completed his schooling at local schools in the country and completed his graduation in 2013 from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. The course or subject in which he opted for his graduation is not known to anyone. Being a star kid, he has kept his life secret, and nothing is known about his career.



    William Langston Thornton is a star kid, as he is the son of famous actor, singer, and director Billy Bob Thornton and a playboy model named Pietra Dawn Cherniak. Both his parents met at an Italian restaurant, and shortly after their first meeting, the duo started dating in 1992.

    Billy Bob Thornton had divorced his third wife at the time he met William’s mother, and it was clear to everyone that it was love at first sight. William’s parents got married in 1993 in the presence of some friends, family, and well-wishers. Immediately after the marriage, they welcomed their first child, William Langston Thornton, and one year later, they welcomed their second child together, Harry Thornton, in the year 1994. While the world was seeing a fairy tale, the duo were brewing trouble in their relationship.

    William’s mother filed for divorce in 1997, and this caught all the attention of the media. William’s mother accused her father of physical torture and harassment, along with other marital violence. Although William’s father denied all the charges, Pietra Dawn won the case and took custody of both her sons. She was also provided with a restraining order against Billy Bob Thornton by the court.


    William Langston Thornton has a biological brother who is just a year younger than him, named Harry Thornton. He has two half siblings as well, Amanda Brumfield and Bella Thornton, on his paternal side. William’s stepsister, Amanda Brumfield, was sentenced to twenty years in prison for manslaughter.


    Not much is known about the schooling qualification of William Langston Thornton, as it was from some local schools in the country. He completed his graduation in 2013 from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. The subjects or courses for which he opted as his graduation degree are also not known to anyone. Being a star kid, he prefers to stay low-key and far from the media and limelight.


    There is no information available regarding his career of William on the internet or through any other source. On the other hand, his father is a well-known veteran actor in the United States of America. As of the present, he has made a significant contribution to the industry via his roles in several films and television series. The iconic actor made his film debut in 1986 with the film Hunter’s Blood. He has appeared in a number of films since then. South of Reno, Going Overboard, Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, The Dark Backward, For the Boys, One False Move, Tombstone, Ghost Brigade, Indecent Proposal, Dead Man, Sling Blade, The Alamo, Faster, Nashville Rises, Puss in Boots, and more are among them.

    In addition, he has contributed to television episodes and series. Matlock, The Outsiders, Evening Shade, Knots Landing, Hearts Afire, Don’t Look Back, Ellen, CatDog, Fargo, The Big Bang Theory, Goliath, 1883, and others are among his notable television ventures. He has also appeared in online programmes such as Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show and Norm Macdonald Live. In addition, he has published albums such as Private Radio, The Edge of the World, Hobo, and Beautiful Door.


    There is no news of William being in a relationship with anyone. Imitating his relationship status, he is most probably single. According to the source, he has not yet married and has no children. He is busy focusing on his career right now. However, he might be waiting for his perfect match and will be pairing up in the future as might his destiny wish. Furthermore, he has maintained a good profile and has not been linked to any kind of controversial act till date, and no accusation against him has been found till now.


    William Langston Thornton’s net worth has not yet been calculated owing to the fact that his professional career is not known to anyone. Being the son of a legendary and famous personality, he is sure to inherit some money. Billy Bob Thornton’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million as of February 2023. He has amassed it through his successful careers as an actor, singer, director, writer, and so on.


    ComplexionMixed (Whisky/Fair)
    Height6 feet 4 inches
    Weight60 kg (approx.)
    Eye ColourBrown
    Hair ColourBlonde/black mixed
    Sexual OrientationStraight


    William Langston Thornton must have been impacted by his upbringing around well-known actors and filmmakers. Both of his parents are involved in the entertainment sector, so it wouldn’t have been surprising if he chose to work there. However, because Billy Bob’s son has chosen to remain anonymous, little is known about his prior professional experience. Many fans are curious to learn whether Thornton would follow in the footsteps of his father in show business or if he has worked in a different sector even though he has never been in a movie. Well, time will only tell. To date, his next step or move is still unknown.

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    Who is William Langston Thornton?

    He is the son of a famous actor, singer, writer, and director Billy Bob Thornton. His mother is a playboy model who is Russian by orientation.

    What is William Langston Thornton’s net worth?

    As his professional life of William is not known, calculating his net worth is not possible. Although he is the son of Billy Bob, he is entitled to inherit some property. The net worth of Billy Bob Thornton is around $ 45 million.

    How many siblings does he have?

    William Langston Thornton has one biological brother, Harry Thornton, and two half siblings from his paternal side, Amanda Brumfield and Bella Thornton.

    What is the height of William Langston Thornton?

    William Langston Thornton is a tall, handsome individual of around 6 feet 4 inches.

    What is his relationship status?

    The relationship status of William Langston Thornton is not known to anyone. As he has not been seen around with anyone and no controversies have been heard, it is assumed that he is single and might be waiting for the perfect match.

    How is his relationship with his parents?

    While the separation of his parents was taking place, he was just three years old, and his custody was given to his mother by the court along with his brother’s custody as well. Although he is not staying with his father, William shares an amazing bond with his father as well as his mother and is a doting son to them.

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